AVA International School is created with a motto of ‘Education for Enhancement and Excellence’. Its a co-education school, affiliated to be CBSE, New Delhi, following syllabus specified by NCERT. The school has opened up an exciting new alternate in field of education in Iglas with able guidance of our dedicated management team. Excellence in academic performance through quality education is the primary objective of the school and complimentary to this, are its efforts to inculcate values in building citizen of tomorrow’s India.

We encourage the individuality of every student and yet at the same time inculcate the sense of responsibility and consideration for others. Our vision is to create empowered individuals with Indian value system but an international outlook and also to prepare 21st century citizens to meet the challenges of real world.

The nurturing and cheerful atmosphere that is like an invisible force and the love that grows around you in form of motherly care given by teacher. Ours is a happy school that believe in child-centred education.

The thrust of the school is not merely is to create toppers in the Board Exams, but to form fine human beings deeply rooted in the true cultural values of our mother-land and uphold its heritage of unity in diversity, making him a patriot and a world citizen, precisely keeping up the motto of the school. Excellence for All.

The school aims at imparting an education that attempts to bring out intellectual, social, aesthetic, spiritual and physical growth of the child’s personality. It also aims at the formation of character of the students by inculcating sound moral principles and values. Thus the school emphasizing “Excellence for All” aims at the holistic and fuller development of the student that meets the challenges of modern cultures and society and its demand for higher levels of competence to keep one happy and content in his/her whole life.